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Making sure our clients have peace of mind that their technology is taken care of and any issues, questions, or concerns are always handled in a timely manner.


WiseGuys Tech began in February of 2019, however, our team has 20 years of combined work experience working with small to medium sized businesses in the healthcare, education, architectural, and manufacturing industries.  More times than not we have heard negative comments about outsourced IT providers when it comes to communication, response time, and efficiency, well those are the values in which we pride ourselves on. We wanted to build a company that focuses on customer service and a quality of work that would leave our customers more than satisfied.  



Cyber Security

We utilize software that protects and safeguards your environment with small business budget in mind.  In the event of a cyber threat or attack, WiseGuys Tech will react immediately to minimize downtime and serious impact. Leave your network security in the hands of experts.

 Firewall configuration and management


Whether big or small, all businesses need to be protected from outside cyber threats.  WiseGuys Tech will make sure your network is safeguarded against those attacks.

EDR and Anti-Virus

ransomware protection

Sometimes traditional anti-virus isn't enough.  Endpoint Detection and Response is an artificial intelligence based anti-threat platform that allows us to see any suspicious activity on your network in real-time and react to it immediately before it even has a chance to run.

​Vulnerability Assessments

Hackers are constantly developing and finding new ways to steal your data.  Detecting and patching those open doors is key to protecting your network from the emerging cyber security threats.

​Secured VPN and Remote Access

Working from home or abroad is commonplace in today's business world. WiseGuys Tech provides solutions to give you and your employees those capabilities without compromising the security of your network and data.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a must if you're a medical provider or work with any patient health information. We understand that many medical offices know they need to be compliant but don't have the workforce for a dedicated HIPAA officer so it normally falls on a current employee.  We can alleviate the stress of trying to learn the HIPAA law and requirements on your own with our Compliance as a Service which guarantees full compliance. 

All Required Audits

We provide all required documentation and support, as well as conduct necessary tech audits to make sure you have an effective compliance program

Security Risk Assessment

Completing a comprehensive scan of all of your internal electronic devices, that are used to access patient health information, to ensure all devices are up to date, secure and have all known vulnerabilities patched, as well as, have security policies implemented

Data Encryption

A necessity to obtain and retain HIPAA compliance, all patient information stored on your network or sent to external providers needs to be encrypted. We will make sure your patient information is protected in transit or in the event of a breach.

Yearly Training

Easy way for employee attestation, annual training and progress training.

Disaster Recovery

Your data is essential to your operations which is why it's number one on our priority list. We will tailor a backup solution to your needs with both onsite backup for quick recovery and cloud backups in the event of a major onsite disaster.  In the case of an unexpected event you can depend on WiseGuys Tech to make sure your data is safeguarded and fully recoverable. 

Backup Strategy Design

With countless backup solutions and limitless business workflow scenarios, it is very important to have an efficient and cost effective backup. We will provide you with a solution that best fits your needs.

Business Continuity Planning

All companies have different needs when it comes to data recovery objectives.  WiseGuys Tech will work with you to create a plan that meets your recovery objectives while staying within your budget.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

When human error occurs or disaster strikes you don’t want to have to worry if your data is recoverable.  Having a copy of your data onsite for quick recovery and offsite as a redundant measure in case of a catastrophic event is our practice. 

Systems and Network Management

WiseGuys Tech has the expertise and experience to manage your complex IT systems.  We provide the technical support needed so you can focus on your business, not on your network.

Data Migration

Whether it's migrating your data to the cloud or upgrading to the new version of Windows or Microsoft Exchange, we will ensure all of your needs are handled with expertise.

IT Infrastructure Support

Full support of your physical and virtual IT infrastructure. Upgrading, designing, and  troubleshooting your network and systems to ensure you are always running.

Hardware and Software Support

Every piece of equipment has an issue eventually.  Whether it be hardware, such as a hard drive dying, or software, like an update that corrupts your computer, WiseGuys Tech will be there to get your systems back up and running.    

24/7 Monitoring

Your systems and software are critical to your business.  We monitor your network and software for any issues and resolve them immediately, usually before you even know there was a problem. 

Cloud Solutions and Services

If you've been questioning moving your onsite services to the cloud or are unsure of what services are available, WiseGuys Tech can help.  We offer turnkey solutions that can convert your traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud-based infrastructure.  From planning, to migration, and support, WiseGuys Tech has your cloud covered.

Hosted Virtual Servers

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, cloud based virtual servers reduce overhead, are accessible from anywhere there is internet, and scaleable to your needs. 

Microsoft Solutions

From Office 365 to Sharepoint, we can help you with migration, support, and training of Microsoft's cloud based services. 

G-Suite Solutions

Powered by Google AI, G-Suite provides cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps.  WiseGuys Tech can get you licensed, setup, and running on Google's cloud platform



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